The conference "Ukrainian mushroom industry: the way to stability"  was held!

  On October 6-8 the city of Odessa hosted the second international conference-exhibition "Ukrainian mushroom industry: the path to stability."

 The conference was attended by 291 people from 15 countries. Australia, Belarus, Belgium, Great Britain, Hungary, Georgia, Italy, Moldova, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Romania, Turkey, France – the representatives of these countries came to the conference-exhibition to share their experience, to gain new knowledge, and probably discover Ukraine for themselves.


The first day of the conference program was filled with professional presentations of specialists, each of whom, in spite of the time constraints, sought to tell much more than originally was planned. The second day of the conference, so to speak "divided"  the listeners according to specialization , thus forums for mushroom growers growing oyster and other exotic mushrooms took place, as well as forum for those involved in the process of mushroom cultivation. An expanded meeting of the Association of mushroom producers in Ukraine took place.

Presentations of the speakers of the 1st and 2nd days are available for viewing here  and

Both two days of lectures of the conference were accompanied by a specialized exhibition, where 30 companies from Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and France introduced the latest know-how of the world mushroom business and Ukrainian technologies.

The final chord of the two days of active work during the conference-exhibition was the gala dinner in the "Renaissance" banquet hall. During  the gala dinner was held the award ceremony for Sponsors of the conference and exhibition  namely companies Mikogen-Ukraine, Amycel, Italspawn, Alpi, Air System, Agro Projects, Veres, Mir Solomy, Dalsem, Hoving Holland. "For contribution to the development of the mushroom industry in Ukraine" diplomas were awarded to such mushroom farms like: Borovik, VKZ, Heleka-M, Griko, Grikar A.P.S., Dinbo, RIO Champignon, Ukrainian champingnons. Keep up the good work, dear colleagues!

As part of the dinner, charity auction to raise funds for the treatment of Nikita Verlatogo year-old was held. 397 thousand UAH ($ 15,000) was collected in the auction. We thank the company that provided lots: "Mikogen-Ukraine", "Ponomar", "World of Straw", "Dinbo», Amycel, UMDIS. On behalf of the parents of Nikita convey thanks to companies' Grieco ',' Mikogen "," Dinbo "," Gelek-M "and" Rio Agaricus ", winner of the auction for the lots submitted.

Photos from the event are available on the conference website .

The third day of the conference and exhibition was devoted to an excursion to the production sites Heleka-M (farm for mushroom production) and Mir Solomy (compost yard).

Next, the third international conference will be held in 2018.

As part of the dinner, a  charity auction to raise funds for the treatment of one year-old Nikita Verlaty was held. 397 thousand UAH ($ 15,000) were collected from the auction. We appreciate companies Mikogen-Ukraine, Ponomar, Mir Solomy, Dinbo Amycel, UMDIS for providing lots for the auction. On behalf of Nikita’s parents we express thanks to companies Griko , Mikogen, Dinbo, Heleka-M and Rio Champingnon as winners of the auction for the lots submitted.


The organizer of the conference is Information agency “Umdis”

13/1 Vyshniakivska Street, Kyiv, Ukraine​

Тел. + 38 (067) 249 22 01

[email protected]


Photos from the Conference

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